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Development of prototypes

You can benefit from our experience from the idea to problem solving to finished prototypes and the documents for series production.

Wherever analog signals and a wide variety of information have to be conditioned, adapted and processed, we develop a product for you and with you that meets your requirements and meets the necessary standards and norms.
In many cases, microcontrollers from different manufacturers from 8 to 32 bit with analog signal processing and various digital interfaces (CAN, RS232, USB, etc.) are used. The associated software for the controller and any necessary parameterization, test or inspection programs for PC or notebook are created by us and are also part of the finished product.

Starting with the specification, through the circuit design, the development of the associated software, the creation of the layout, the accompanying documentation, the test under various climatic conditions and the final EMC tests, you can fall back on many years of experience.

Our developments are used in energy measurement technology, industrial length measurement with accuracies and resolutions down to the sub-micrometer range, in the medical and sanitary sectors, and in general in industrial control technology.